Michael “Whip” Wilton is the co-founder of Queensrÿche, a band that launched in 1982 and crossed into many musical areas from hard rock to progressive metal to hugely popular power ballads, influencing thousands of musicians along the way. His latest LTD Signature Series guitar is the MW-TR1, and it’s representational of the killer stripped-down, bolt-on models that Whip turned to often in the band’s early days. Featuring a large Queensrÿche “Tri-Ryche” symbol on the guitar’s body as well as on fingerboard inlays, the MW-TR1 has a great vibe for serious fans of Michael and the band, and plays like a dream with its comfortable alder body, a thin U-shaped maple neck, and maple fingerboard with 22 extra-jumbo frets. The MW-TR1 offers Grover tuners, a Floyd Rose Special bridge, and a completely awesome set of Seymour Duncan ’59 (neck) and Seymour Duncan Distortion (bridge) pickups. Available in Black finish with single Tri-Ryche graphic.

The ’59 Model neck pickup is one of our most popular pickups because it’s so versatile. It’s designed in the spirit of the original P.A.F. humbuckers of the 1950s, with sweet sustain, full-sounding chords, clear and bright attack, but we’ve made a few refinements to slightly modernize the design and make it more adaptable to different styles. The ’59 has a full low end which is great for adding character to your clean sounds and sustain to your leads. The high end is slightly boosted for improved pick-attack clarity and the mids are a little scooped for an open, smooth sound that’s great for preserving the clarity of the individual notes in a chord. Play softly and the mids and highs seem to fade back, but pick hard and the note will be confident and clear. There isn’t a genre that the ’59 can’t work within.

The Duncan Distortion Trembucker is the F-spaced version of our original high output humbucker. It incorporates a massive ceramic magnet and hot coil windings to deliver well-balanced rock and metal tones that have rih upper midrange harmonic content. Great for hard hitting, crunchy rhythms, and searing lead tone. Pair it with the SH-6n Distortion neck pickup, or with the SH-2n Jazz, or SH-1n 59 model for a versatile combo. Pair with the Jazz neck model for a versatile humbucker setup, or use the Duncan Distortion neck model for the a killer high output setup.Trembuckers have wider pole piece spacing, perfect for symmetrical positioning under the strings of guitars with a tremolo or wide spaced hard tail bridge (2 or wider from the center of the Low E to High E directly over the bridge pickup).

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