Brand new in 2012 and one of the most intensely distinctive guitars offered in the ESP Signature Series is the ESP RZK-II BURNT, and “intensely distinctive” is also an apt description of its designer: Richard Z. Kruspe of the world-renowned Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) band Rammstein. The RZK-II BURNT is created one-at-a-time by hand in the ESP Custom Shop in Japan. “Distressed” doesn’t quite cover the kind of artistic treatment given this instrument by our ESP artisans. The guitar’s body is thoroughly gouged and burned, giving the appearance that it’s lived through some kind of disaster, or ritualistic sacrifice. In any case, no detail goes unattended here, from the matched finish treatment on the headstock to the patina on the pickup covers to the mysterious red in the routing of the tremolo cavity. But this guitar is more than an art piece: the RZK-II BURNT is a neck-thru-body machine of sonic destruction. Based on the single-cutaway Eclipse shape, it features an alder body, a three-piece thin U-shaped neck, and premier components like a Schaller straplock, Gotoh tuners, a Floyd Rose Original bridge, and a pair of super-aggressive EMG 81 pickups. Includes a high-quality hard shell case and a Certificate of Authenticity from ESP. Artwork designed by Sandberg.

ESP Company, Limited is a Japanese guitar manufacturer, primarily focused on the production of electric guitars and basses. They are based in both Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California, United States, with two distinct product lines for each respective market. ESP Company manufactures instruments under several names, including “ESP Standard”, “ESP Custom Shop”, “LTD Guitars and Basses”, “Navigator”, “Edwards Guitar and Basses”, and “Grassroots”.