Aviator Warbird 7 Baritone

The Warbird is the very first body style to be created by Aviator Guitars. It features a blend of modern and classic styling which makes it an extremely versatile guitar. If you are looking for the Aviator Guitars Iconic body style, this is it!

EMG 81-7

Based off the popular EMG 81, the 81-7 utilizes powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils to produce a detailed tone with incredible amounts of high end cut, and fluid sustain. Traditionally used in the bridge position of your seven string guitar, this pickup will make your leads slice right through even the densest mix. When used in both neck and bridge positions the sound can only be described as blistering.

Hipshot Grip-Lock Open Gear

Grip-Lock Open Guitar Tuners by Hipshot take the chore out of string changes and increase your tuning stability at the same time. Instead of your old, time consuming string changing ritual, simply pull the string through the hole and tighten the thumbwheel. A small pin inside the string post will grip your string and lock it in place for worry free tuning!

Evertune Bridge

The EverTune bridge is an all mechanical bridge system that keeps the guitar’s strings in-tune indefinitely by using a combination of springs, levers and some mathematics, which create constant tension on every string, all while still allowing for expressive playing including vibrato and string bending. The EverTune supports any desired tuning and is a perfect solution for song writing, recording and touring where a guitarists needs to rely on unwavering tuning stability and great intonation across the neck.


Body: Warbird 7 string Baritone Neck through
Neck type: Flamed maple with Mahogany stripes
Fretboard: Black Ebony
Frets: 24 / Jescar Stainless steel Frets
Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock Open Gear
Bridge: Evertune
Neck pickup: EMG 81-7
Bridge pickup: EMG 81-7
Pickup switch: Push/Pull selector
Controls: 1x Volume
Strings: 7 strings, D’Addario 10-64, A standard tuning
Price: $2,690 (€2,200)
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Aviator Custom Guitars was founded in the Czech Republic In year 2014 with one goal in mind, to infuse the customers vision with in house expertise to create playable masterpieces. The company refuses to use anything but the highest-grade materials and provides all of their clients with absolute exclusivity as no two same custom builds leave the workshop. To this day the company works solely on custom orders and is well known for their quality, community, and exquisite designs. www.aviator-guitars.com