The diesecaster is the model from DIESE Custom Guitars that pays tribute to the telecaster. With its chambered basswood body and a steel table that ensures it a rich, shiny and soft sound. Associated with a set of ‘Fender Deluxe Drive’ magnets in Alnico 3. Overwound pickups featuring a high output level, a Fender electronics and an Orange Drop capacitor.

It’s a very versatile guitar as well on a well cruchy blues as a classic rock up to saturated sounds, the diesecaster “Skull Of Light” offers a panel of sounds cut for the big rock. The maple neck still brings brilliance and comfort to the game.

Add to that a rock n ‘roll look, with its engraved steel pickguard. The illustration, the engraving and the finishes are handmade in the workshop. The diesecaster goes off the beaten path of the guitar. And that’s essential at DIESE Custom Guitars.

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