The new Will Adler signature guitar LTD WA-200 WARBIRD from ESP is a true metal machine, just like its creator the Lamb of God Axeman Adler. Forerunners of new wave metal in America Lamb of God are known for heavy grooving riffs and dissonant chords. Based on a design form an album cover and one of Will’s old skate decks the distressed warbird has a great look. This guitar is distressed, not to look like its been gigged with, but to look like its been through a warzone. Exactly what you’d expect from the gigging gear of such a heavy metal band.

ESP Company, Limited is a Japanese guitar manufacturer, primarily focused on the production of electric guitars and basses. They are based in both Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California, United States, with two distinct product lines for each respective market. ESP Company manufactures instruments under several names, including “ESP Standard”, “ESP Custom Shop”, “LTD Guitars and Basses”, “Navigator”, “Edwards Guitar and Basses”, and “Grassroots”.