In the early 1980s, ESP connected with an up-and-coming guitar hero named Vernon Reid, who was putting together a band which became known as Living Colour. For their debut album Vivid, which became a double platinum-selling recording with a lasting cultural impact, Vernon was most closely identified with his ESP guitar that was customized in a swirling multicolored finish. The LTD Cult ’86 is a limited-edition tribute to the guitar that helped put Vernon and Living Colour on the map, having been used to write and record the rock classic “Cult of Personality”. Much like the original version, the LTD Cult ’86 offers bolt-on construction with an alder body, a three-piece maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. It uses a three-pickup configuration, with two EMG SA pickups in the neck and middle position, and an EMG 81 at the bridge. A Floyd Rose Special locking tremolo is provided to allow for the kind of uninhibited and expressive playing for which Vernon Reid is renowned. Much like the Vernon’s original ESP, the LTD Cult ’86 is based on the ST body style, and features the distinctive multiple swirls of color that immediately make it identifiable with its original designer. Note that while Vernon is not a current ESP artist endorsee, the new LTD Cult ’86 is meant to commemorate an era in both Vernon’s and ESP’s history that marked a launching point for great things to come.

ESP Company, Limited is a Japanese guitar manufacturer, primarily focused on the production of electric guitars and basses. They are based in both Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California, United States, with two distinct product lines for each respective market. ESP Company manufactures instruments under several names, including “ESP Standard”, “ESP Custom Shop”, “LTD Guitars and Basses”, “Navigator”, “Edwards Guitar and Basses”, and “Grassroots”.