The Gibson DJ Ashba Signature Les Paul is the signature guitar for DJ Ashba. Through his work as a solo artist and stints with Beautiful Creatures, Mötley Crüe, Sixx:A.M and Guns N’ Roses, DJ Ashba has forged a reputation as one of the hardest-rocking guitarists on the scene today. In addition to his incendiary riffs and artful songwriting, DJ’s unique style has helped to set him apart from a heated crowd. The DJ Ashba Signature Les Paul is a guitar that brings it all to the party for looks, playing feel, and utterly scorching tone. With unique graphics on a satin Charcoal Gray finish with black plastics and binding, sleek playability, DJ’s choice of hot Seymour Duncan pickups, and versatile wiring mods, this guitar is primed to get you seen and heard.

The DJ Ashba Les Paul kicks off with a foundation of select tonewoods: a carved maple top and weight-relieved mahogany body for an easy hang and enhanced resonance. The glued-in maple neck is carved to a super-slick profile that measures .800” at the 1st fret and .875” at the 12th, and its Grade-A rosewood fingerboard has a compound radius of 10”–16” to take you from comfortable chording down low to slick soloing and bending up at the top. A rich Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro humbucker in the neck position and a sizzling-hot JB in the bridge provide all the smolder and burn, while modified wiring with a kill switch in the normal pickup selector toggle location, a master volume, two independent tone controls with different cap values, and a three-way selector provide unbridled sonic versatility. Finish it off with gloss-black racing stripes and DJ Ashba graphic, black Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece, and a hot-stamped ASHBA truss-rod cover, and the DJ Ashba Signature Les Paul is taking no prisoners.

The Alnico 2 Pro Humbucker uses the soft treble attack and low string pull of an alnico 2 bar magnet, combined with a special vintage output coil wind to create a warm, sweet tone that is smooth and full, with tons of natural sustain. The highs will really sing, and sound thick, while the lows will be warm and buttery, giving you a pickup that is very sensitive to pick attack. For over 25 years Slash has been the champion of this pickup, and used them exclusively on Appetite for Destruction, which has gone on to become the biggest selling debut album of all time. Pair with the Alnico 2 Pro bridge model for a perfectly matched set.

The JB Model humbucker is our most popular pickup of all time. Blues, country, fusion, punk, hard rock, grunge, thrash; the JB has always sounded just right, even as new genres emerged around it. The low end is full and powerful, the highs are crisp and detailed and there’s an upper-midrange bump that adds crunch and chunk to heavy chords but translates to a singing, vocal-like quality when you play single notes or solos. Meanwhile the hot output pushes your amp just that little bit harder for more sustain and harmonics.

Orville Gibson founded the company in 1902 as “The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co., Ltd.” in Kalamazoo, Michigan to make mandolin-family instruments. Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins. By the 1930s, the company was also making flattop acoustic guitars, as well as one of the first commercially available hollow-body electric guitars, used and popularized by Charlie Christian.