The ESP Jeff Hanneman embodies the true spirit of this metal legend. Made with the stability to handle Jeff’s frantic leads and brutal rhythms, it has neck-thru-body construction at 25.5″ scale, with an alder body and a three-piece maple neck with ebony fingerboard that features Hanneman’s own custom “H Dagger” inlays. This guitar has a uniquely powerful component set that includes Gotoh tuners, a Kahler 2315 bridge, and an EMG 85 (neck)/EMG 81 (bridge) active pickup set. The ESP Jeff Hanneman includes a hardshell case and a Certificate of Authenticity from ESP. Available in an unmistakable Urban Camo finish. Handmade by the legendary luthiers at the ESP Custom Shop in Japan.

EMG 81
One of the most popular EMG’s, the 81 is the one that started a revolution. Utilizing powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils, the tone was designed with detailed intensity, incredible amounts of high end cut, and fluid sustain. Traditionally used in the bridge position of your guitar, this humbucking pickup will make your leads slice right through even the densest mix. When used in both neck and bridge positions the sound can only be described as blistering. Other recommended pairings include the classic 81/85 setup and the versatile 81/60 combo.

EMG 85
The 85 is one of EMGs first pickups and is the slightly more sophisticated and well rounded half of its famous brother, the 81. Featuring close aperture coils loaded with Alnico V magnets, the 85 is a powerful guitar pickup with exceptional tone and versatility. The Alnico magnets of this model provide a muscular growl and smooth lead tones enabling you to play everything from the blues to the most extreme metal. Although often used in the neck position, make no mistake, the EMG 85 sounds great as a bridge humbucker thanks to its exceptional smoothness and soul. This pickup pairs well with just about every other EMG humbucker.

The SPC or “Strat Presence Control” is often called the fat control. The original intent of the SPC was to allow guitar players to boost the midrange and volume of their single coil pickup to give it a sound similar to a humbucker. This is accomplished by boosting the gain in a broad mid-band fashion and reducing the highs as you turn the knob up. The result is a fatter, louder tone from any single coil pickup. It can also be used with a humbucker to increase your overall volume and midrange for a really fat tone that’s great for slide guitar.

The main songwriter, lyricist, and guitarist in thrash metal legends Slayer, Jeff Hanneman helped define heavy music. Famous for his aggressive playing, off-the-wall solos and deep lyrics, Jeff has influenced generations of musicians, and continues to inspire new players to pick up the guitar today. His tragic passing in 2013 cements his place in history as one of the most influential guitarists in heavy metal, and ESP is proud to continue offering several of Jeff’s iconic signature guitars.

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