The Andy James E-II AJ EC-7 offers a seven-string design for an extended pitch range, along with details like a fully-bound body, neck, and headstock, set-neck construction for fast access to the highest frets, and high-quality EMG active pickups.

ESP E-II Quality
The AJ EC-7, like all ESP E-II instruments, is made at ESP’s Tokyo, Japan-based factory. Only ESP guitars and basses are made there. These instruments were formerly known as “ESP Standard” until 2014, when we changed the name, but nothing else about the high standards of design and manufacturing that made ESP famous. You can expect a high degree of detailed quality and roadworthy reliability in every E-II model. The Andy James E-II AJ EC-7 will blow you away in this regard with its multiple bound body and headstock and fully bound neck.

Seven Strings for Extended Range
Unusual for a single-cutaway guitar shape, the E-II AJ EC-7 is a seven-string model. Typically tuned from bottom up as B-E-A-D-G-B-E, the AJ EC-7 can also easily handle downtuning to A for those really low stretches. What you get is not only a heavier sound with the lower registers being produced, but a much wide range of pitches to create new sonic landscapes.

Set Neck Construction at 25.5” Scale
What “set neck” means is that as opposed to a bolt-on neck, the neck of the E-II AJ EC-7 is built deeply into the guitar’s body. The biggest advantage here is playing feel. As you move up the fingerboard to the highest registers, there’s nothing impeding your progress. You’ll get the smooth and fast access to the upper frets that you always wanted. The neck itself is designed in a comfortable thin U shape that’s been a hallmark of great ESP guitars for many years, with 24 extra jumbo frets to hit well beyond two octaves in range. Also, while most single-cutaway guitars are built at the smaller 24.75” scale, you can use the AJ EC-7 for downtuned parts while still maintaining great string tension.

High Quality Tonewoods and Components
Every guitar’s quality starts with the choice of woods used in its construction. With the E-II AJ EC-7, you get a solid mahogany body with a maple top, along with a three-piece maple neck and ebony fingerboard. But the quality of the AJ EC-7 goes beyond its wood. Andy James chose an active pickup set of an EMG 66-7H Brushed Black Chrome for the neck pickup, and an EMG 57-7H Brushed Black Chrome pickup in the bridge. This combination will give you a massive amount of tonal flexibility to handle almost any genre of music. There’s also a 48mm bone nut, Sperzel locking tuners, and an included hardshell case.

EMG 57-7H:
A true original, the 57 is a bridge humbucker pickup designed for today’s guitar player regardless of style or genre. The unique combination of Alnico V magnets and steel pole pieces evoke an unmistakably PAF quality in its tone, yet the active attributes provide the headroom and punch necessary to deliver unparalleled definition and presence. Designed and voiced specifically for the bridge position in your electric guitar.

EMG 66-7H:
The EMG 66-7H is the result of pickup design innovation inspired by the specific needs and requests of today’s seven string guitar players. Alnico V magnets provide a warm, smooth mid-range and expansive lows while the ceramic pole pieces balance out the clarity in the upper register. Designed and voiced as a neck pickup.

ESP Company, Limited is a Japanese guitar manufacturer, primarily focused on the production of electric guitars and basses. They are based in both Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California, United States, with two distinct product lines for each respective market. ESP Company manufactures instruments under several names, including “ESP Standard”, “ESP Custom Shop”, “LTD Guitars and Basses”, “Navigator”, “Edwards Guitar and Basses”, and “Grassroots”.