The G280 is a no nonsense serious guitar, for the serious player that is focused on performance and tone. Every detail has been considered to deliver an instrument that is tour-ready. The heart of the G280 is the Seymour Duncan pickups. Cort direct-mounts the potent SH4/ SH1 Duncan combination to the Basswood body for added sustain and attack. Other details like the Wilkinson tremolo, matching headstock, and high-ratio machine heads have you ready to rock.

Renowned across the world, Seymour Duncan is known for making great sounding, high end pickups all crafted in the United States. For the G280 Cort selected a potent combination of Seymour Duncan pickups. In the bridge you will find the Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4), which delivers a classic hot-rodded humbucker tone. For the neck position humbucker the G280 is equipped with the Duncan ’59 (SH-1) which has a more classic PAF tone that is full and versatile. To take these great pickups one step further, Cort has direct-mounted them to the body assuring nothing stands between these great pickups and your great tone!

To make the G280 a more versatile instrument we have coil-tapped both of the Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. This gives you a single-coil pickup sound with the pull of a knob. One pull switches both pickups from humbucker to single-coil mode. Push it back in to switch back to the fat humbucker tones.

To assure tonal stability along with some new tonal options, the G280 is equipped with the Wilkinson VS50 II tremolo. Featuring the exclusive Wilkinson knife edge design, this precision-machined vibrato systems feature a steel base plate, push-in arm and ‘locked-down’ ultra smooth stainless steel saddles for perfect ‘return to zero’ performance every time.

The G280’s neck profile was also selected to make this a comfortable instrument that you can use all night on your next gig. The shape is a very comfortable rounded feel with some girth, but not thick. It is 21mm at the 1st fret and 23mm at the 12th fret. It feels great in your hand, so much so that you will wish the gig was longer!

The Cort company, as its current incarnation, was founded in 1960 as an importer of pianos. The business slowly evolved from a piano importer to a manufacturer and sales division then finally into a guitar manufacturer in 1973. At this early stage of the company’s history, Soo Doh was strictly an OEM supplier to other foreign brand name companies. The company eventually changed its name to Cort Musical Instruments, focused on guitars and released the first Cort-branded guitars in 1982.